Focus. Boom, done.

TimeIvy helps you stay focused and motivated to get stuff done.
Get the most of your time and win back hours to enjoy the things you love.

"Hands down the best productivity tool I've ever used" — Daniel

How it works

Focus and your plant grows.
Get distracted, and it dies.

Start a focus session by planting a plant. Some plants will die if you get distracted. Others, if you skip your work breaks.

Whatever it takes to help you stay productive (and healthy).

No need to manually start and stop timers

TimeIvy automatically captures your computer usage so you know which apps and websites you used during your day.

Understand what’s taking most of your time and take action.

See where your time goes

Time tracking by productivity category
Everything you do is categorized by productivity level to help you get a better picture on how your time is spent every day.
It's not just how much time you spend on each different task. But how context switching affects getting into "the zone" again. See how often you switch and learn to improve yourself.
Only you can see your data and you're free to delete it at any time you want. We also never sell nor provide your data to third-parties in any way.

Got distracted? Get a nudge

Social media got your attention? Get a nudge sound to remind you to get back to focus.

The Nudge option can be configured to play a "ding" sound when visiting specific websites or every hour, if you wanna have a constant reminder of your goal to be productive.

Budget time

Breaks are important. But be the one to decide how long you'll spend on Twitter. Set a daily limit and stay on track.